Are you interested in fundraising for Marymount University Hospice & Hospital? Have you got an interesting idea for an event that you’d like to organise and run on our behalf?

We’d love to hear from you and would be delighted if you got involved. Organising a fundraising event is an enjoyable and satisfying way of giving back to the community, and by getting involved with Marymount you’ll be ensuring we are able to continue to provide palliative care to the people of Cork and Kerry.

If you are interested in organising an event please download and fill out our Marymount Fundraising Event Form and send it back to us by emailing

We’ve gathered together some tips and fundraising materials to help guide you through the process of creating your own fundraising event. Please note that all fundraising endeavours intended to kindly raise funds for Marymount must fall in line with the rules set out by the Charities Regulator. More can be found out by reading through the Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the Public.

Event Ideas

Shave your head / Cut your hair for Marymount

A simple act, but a very effective fundraiser. Get your friends, family and co-workers to sponsor you, then, once you’ve reached your target, get out the clippers and remove those locks. Some supporters also choose to grow their hair to a specific length and donate the hair once it’s cut to make wigs for cancer patients.

Table quizzes

Table quizzes are a cost effective, easy and fun way for supporters to fundraise for their cause in their local community. Who doesn’t love a good table quiz? They can take place in pubs, schools, or the workplace. Call into local businesses for spot prizes, spread the word online and among your friends and family and keep the quiz itself interesting – think music and movie rounds, a visual round, a sports round…just keep it light,

Corporate gift matching

These offer supporters a great opportunity to double the impact of their donations. Check with your employer if they offer such a programme and let donors know that it’s in place.

Other small event ideas:

  • Supper Clubs & Bake Sales: Food is always a winner when it comes to fundraising for charitable causes. These work at home, in your community or in schools and workplaces. Go big with a Supper Club, or keep it simple with a classic bake sale.
  • A sports competition – Get your friends, colleagues and family together for a round of golf or a soccer match. Set a participation fee. Maybe get some local businesses to offer spot prizes and run a raffle along with the sporting event.
  • Raffle: Speaking of raffles – why not run a raffle.
  • Pet Costume Party: A fun, creative way to get everyone (including your beloved pets) excited to support your cause. Why not hold a pet costume party & contest in your local park (or a pet-friendly pub)? Look for donated prizes from local businesses and charge for admission and refreshments on day of the competition.

Medium / Large scale event ideas

  • Walk / Run: Organise a walk / run in your local community. It could be a 5k fun run in your local park, or a longer walk from one community to the next. Get sponsorship cards from Marymount and have participants fundraise individually. It’s a great event for bringing families and friends together
  • Concerts: Think a Karaoke night for a bit of fun that everyone can get involved in, or tribute act or music event that channels popular artists. Venues can be very accommodating when it comes to charity events.
  • Golf tournament: Gold events are a traditionally a big charity fundraiser. The game is hugely popular in Ireland and Golf tournaments can be bolstered by additional fundraisers such as raffles and lunches.
  • Fashion shows & Gala Dinners: A more demanding event, but one that, with the right connections and commitment can raise substantial funds.