Admissions or referrals to the specialist inpatient unit may be proposed for a number of reasons. Patients who are admitted will ordinarily have progressive incurable disease, complex symptom control or psychosocial and spiritual needs that cannot be readily managed at home or in their current place of care.

Length of stay within the hospice varies from patient to patient. Our in-patient unit is not a long-stay facility. It is not unusual for patients to be discharged home following alleviation of symptoms. Sometimes patients still need nursing care, but not the high level of specialist care that the hospice provides.  In these circumstances, in consultation with the patient and his/her family, alternative places of care will be explored that will suitably meet these care needs.

Admission to the unit may be organised in the following ways:

For patients at home:

  • By the specialist nurse in community palliative care in collaboration with the patient’s GP and our Consultant Physician in Palliative Medicine
  • By their GP who will make the appropriate referral to the hospice directly following an initial discussion with our Consultant Physician in Palliative Medicine.

For patients in another hospital:

  • Medical Services in the acute hospital liaise with the team at Marymount or with the specialist palliative care team in the acute hospital. One of our Consultant Physicians in Palliative Medicine will review the patient in the acute hospital. If admission is advised, transfer to the hospice will be facilitated as soon as a bed becomes available.


Referrers are encouraged to discuss any queries about the appropriateness of a request for admission to the hospice.

Patients and families are welcome to visit the inpatient unit when considering admission. This can be arranged by appointment. Please contact:

Ms Ger Farrell

Assistant Director of Nursing for Palliative Care

Email:      Tel: (021) 4869100