Our Team

Marymount Management Organisation and Structures

Thank you for visiting this page about our team.  The Marymount team is structured and organised to enable clear accountability and good governance.  The structure in Marymount is robust to enable us to deliver the best possible care.

The Marymount team is led by our CEO, supported by the Executive Management team.  The CEO is reportable to the Board of Directors (through the Chairperson).

Our well-structured organisation aims to optimise all communication and ensure compliance through accountability and transparency.

Executive Management Team

The executive management team oversees the functional operations of Marymount and meets at least twice a month. It is a cross-functional team and comprises:

Dr Sarah McCloskey
Chief Executive Officer
Dr Marie Murphy
Consultant Physician in Palliative Care
Ms Audrey Allen
Head of Nursing and Allied Health
Shane O’Gorman
Head of HR
Mr Liam Kerins
Head of Finance