Marymount University Hospital & Hospice (“Marymount”) provides specialist palliative care services and services to care for dependent older people. Its origins date back to 1870 with its foundation by the Religious Sisters of Charity in Cork.  The original hospital was built on the north side of the city but the service relocated in 2011 to purpose-built, modern, high-quality facilities in Curraheen, Cork.  Marymount is an independent voluntary hospital with University status and is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. It is a section 39 organisation under the Health Act 2004 and works closely with the statutory health services in the provision of care.  Marymount is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors with expertise in numerous areas; it is operated by a CEO, executive management team and staff of 300 whole time equivalents.

Specialist Palliative Care Services

Marymount Hospice serves as a centre for coordinating the delivery of specialist palliative care services across all care settings in Cork. Our services are consultant-led and comprise:

  • 44-bed in-patient unit– our in-patient unit is predominately an adult palliative care specialist service, providing care to those with complex needs
  • Out-patient department (including a specialist pain intervention service, ambulatory/ virtual clinics and day care services
  • bereavement and family support services support commences on referral and is designed on a needs assessment basis. We also offer children’s support groups for those under age experiencing significant loss.
  • community-based serviceswhereby our clinical nurse specialists visit families in their homes to provide specialist advice and support.  Our care includes children of any age and people with any advanced illness needing our input.  Community-based services are consultant-led with Marymount providing an advisory service to support patients who choose to be cared for at home, in a local community hospital or nursing home (excluding acute hospitals).
  • A satellite team is based in Bantry General Hospital to serve West Cork.
  • Acute hospitals our medical teams consultant across all acute hospitals in Cork

Service for Older People (SFOP)

Our services for older people provide expert care for the older adult with various complexities.  We typically provide inpatient care for those with high dependency and medically complex illness needing extended care.  We have a medical officer on site and the service has a full time Assistant director of nursing (ADoN).  The person in charge (PIC) is the Director of Nursing (DoN).  This service is fully HIQA compliant (link to HIQA inspection).  We provide the following:

  • Long term care
  • Respite care
  • Palliative support care for the older adult