If you, a member of your family or a close friend have been diagnosed with a serious illness there are suddenly many questions that need to be answered, particularly in relation to care and support and the many adjustments that may need to be made.

The Medical Social Work in Marymount helps individuals and families to explore some of these issues, provides information about services and assists in dealing with the practical and emotional consequences of illness. The service is staffed by experienced and qualified Social Workers who work as part of a multidisciplinary team that includes Nurses, Doctors, Chaplains, Physiotherapists and others.


How can we help?

We recognise and respect the uniqueness of individuals and of families. Each person has their own way of coping with illness. With this in mind we offer a number of services.

  • We can give you an opportunity to talk about the practical, emotional and financial consequences of illness and help you to explore your options and to plan accordingly
  • We offer support and advice to parents in recognising and managing the specific needs of children whose parent, grandparent, or brother or sister may be ill
  • We provide a counselling service to individuals dealing with illness and to their carers if they request it
  • We assist and support individuals, families and friends in communicating with one another in times of distress
  • We provide bereavement support for adults and for children, often in a group setting.
  • With children we make use of art, play books and other materials to allow the expression of the multitude of feelings that children may have about loss

The service is open to all patients who require it and to their families regardless of creed, race, class, age, gender, sexual orientation or ethnic origin and is free of charge.

How do I contact a social worker?

We can be contacted through any member of the multidisciplinary team or through the Clinical Nurse Specialist, if you are at home. If you live in west Cork you can contact the Social Worker at Bantry Primary Care Centre at (027) 54624.