Section 38 & Fundraising

Marymount University Hospital and Hospice is delighted to be in a more secure place after years of navigating severe funding challenges. Government and HSE now cover our core costs, which include most staff (within a defined limit) and essential operating expenses like utilities, medication, and basic supplies.  Nonetheless, we are not fully funded, and our fundraising efforts remain crucial for us to provide the best possible patient care.


Additionally, our HSE funding provides for core costs based on a defined and capped number of staff.  Our costs continue to rise for general inflation, and we have seen big rises in recent years across all cost groupings and food and energy in particular.   We are by no means fully funded; for example, we receive no funding for Capital Expenditure which is expected to run at approximately €2m per annum for the foreseeable future.  Our capex is vital for upkeep of patient based essential facilities. It is also essential for transport to patients’ homes and for quality initiatives to enhance the experience for families.


The current position unlocks exciting possibilities for fundraising and provides better clarity on our fundraising needs. Donations can now be fully focused on enhancing the quality-of-care experiences for patients and their families, which is their core purpose.


How Your Donations Make A Difference:

Enhanced Services

Funds support outreach visits by our clinical teams, upgrades to patient accommodation, and improved family/bereavement support programmes, day services, telehealth including essential administrative resources.

Modern Facilities

Our 2011 relocation provided a fantastic space spread over 3 floors with comprehensive facilities. Some of our furnishings, facilities and clinical equipment are now very much outdated and not fit for purpose. Maintaining and improving this space requires constant upkeep and further enhancements to better serve families.

Strategic Goals

Your support empowers us to turn our ambitious projects into reality:

1. Expansion of Specialist Palliative Care, particularly provision of an accessible dynamic suite of day services and outpatients, allowing us to see more patients.
2. Development of an education and research centre to ensure we have the best possible knowledge for optimal care delivery based on the highest quality evidence.
3. Continued review and optimisation of our Older People Services to best meet the community’s needs, in the context of high demands and an ageing population.
4. Employer of choice- we optimise the wellbeing and training of our staff and aim to ensure they are valued at all times. We do this to ensure that our staff can provide optimum care, with compassion.

Commitment to Excellence

Marymount strives for excellence in business conduct, ethos, values, and service delivery. Your donations are essential to ensure we deliver the best possible services.
We try to go above and beyond in achieving the extraordinary, enabling people to live to their potential despite living with a life limiting illness. For example, we frequently host wedding, christenings, family gatherings of all sorts.


With your continued fundraising endeavours, we promise to strive for innovation, excellence, and to grow into a world-class service here in Cork.


Thank you for your ongoing support of Marymount, it is sincerely appreciated.