Practice Development

Practice Development uses a framework of quality assurance, person-centred care delivery and provision of clinical skills. The department aims to encourage staff to continually develop and refresh clinical skills to advance practice and promote high quality patient focused care. It facilitates and supports staff to create and take ownership of change and quality improvement initiatives.  It provides a comprehensive induction process for all new staff, those newly qualified or those returning from a career break and welcomes all new members of the Marymount team.

Practice Development serves as Clinical Placement Coordinator for University College Cork linking with nursing, medicine and many allied health schools within the university. Healthcare students are facilitated, encouraged and supported in all clinical areas of the hospital providing optimum learning environments and meeting the learning objectives set by the third level institutes.

Practice Development provides a Haemovigilance role ensuring that any blood transfusion products used for patients are administered safely and within best practice guidance. Leading the clinical audit group, the department oversees clinical audit activity, measuring all aspects of care delivered to ensure that it meets international, national or local best practice guidance.

The department supports the development of clinical documentation, policies and procedures, in order to maintain the high standards of care that the hospital is well known for. This is undertaken with an emphasis on continuous professional and personal development, to ensure quality, evidence-based care is delivered.


For Further Information or clinical placement application forms, please contact:

Emma Willcock –Practice Development, CNM2